Motorola Moto 360 Review

It’s time…The Motorola Moto 360 is a strong upgrade on its predecessor. It is a classy smartwatch powered by Android Wear. It streamlines your mobile life by delivering the information that matters to you, directly to your wrist. With a comfortable strap, familiar interface and crafted with the finest materials, Moto 360 keeps you up to date without taking you away from the moment. It’s a great companion for those times when it is inappropriate to just whip out your phone. As you glance at your wrist to see updates or even just speak to get the info you need. It’s time a watch told you more than just the time. And this watch delivers on that in some style!


Moto 360’s craftsmanship features a stainless steel case, genuine leather from Horween and scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass. The classic design means it feels comfortable and familiar on your wrist. Other smartwatches feel like you’re taking a hit on design and aesthetics because they obviously look like smartwatches. Design and looking/feeling like a proper watch is important, and the Motorola Moto 360 delivers. The round face is brilliant, and the leather strap is surprisingly great. With its smart and sleek design, arguably the best available in the android range, looks so premium, be prepared to attract curious eyes towards your watch all the time. The only potential issue is that the screen could have a sharper resolution. Retina-level displays seem to be fitted as standard wherever you go these days.
There are 2 sizing options: The 42mm and the 46mm. Evidence of Motorola trying to adapt to a different variety of wrist sizes. It combines edge-to-edge glass giving you the largest possible viewing area. Whether you choose rose gold, black, or silver, the case is precision-crafted from aircraft-grade stainless steel. Furthermore, the watch is also water and dust resistant.

The Moto 360 is a pretty neat design setup for a smartwatch. For your eyes throughout the interface and menus, they truly are a seamless experience . Design-wise Motorola is just scratching the surface. Over time we will really see how far outside the box they can go in terms of telling time, as they’re not constrained by mechanical limitations anymore.


  • Wi-Fi
  • Customisable Watchfaces/dials
  • Mail, Messages and Calendar updates
  • Broad range of Apps from Google Play
  • Notifications

No phone is required. Even if you leave your mobile phone at home and are out of Bluetooth range, you can still get updates and notifications over Wi-Fi connection—with the added benefit of full access to voice commands through your watch.

Mail, Messages and Calendar updates

Read email’s, messages and calendar invite at a glance,

You can reply to messages by either: Choosing a saved response e.g. ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘okay’ etc… , Dictating a message of your own choosing or you can draw your own emoji (the quality is down to the user).

Customisable Watch Faces/ Dials

There are preinstalled watch faces in the Android Wear app for you to start off with or you can go to Google Play and install others.

Notifications are stacked vertically. They pop up when you need to be alerted to a message, email or social media notification. You even get the haptic buzz – a hallmark of most smartwatches.


There are a variety of apps that can be used in tandem with your phone but don’t require you to use your phone, like Shazam, a voice recorder, built-in Weather app from, MotoBody, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Spotify and Amazon etc…
All the apps install easily and sync quickly with your phone. It is important to mentions at this point that the watch can be used with Android and iPhone. It really depends on your own personal taste as to how your app world is built. The watch has 4GB of memory so you can have songs downloaded to your Google Play Music account sync to the watch and listen to music with Bluetooth headphones; no phone required.

The four main apps we have found are Watchmaker Pro, Vibration Notification, and Heart Rate OS.
Watchmaker Pro allows you to use thousands of different faces. Be warned, some will eat your battery up. Other won’t, it’s trial and error to find the one best suited to your taste (and battery appetite). One good example is a face that shows the time, date, steps, heart rate, weather, watch and phone battery and also has a compass around the edge and uses little to no battery.
Vibration notification is an aid for when you are very busy and wouldn’t notice the vibration on your watch. The app allows you to make the vibration last longer or make a vibration pattern. Making sure you don’t miss a single notification.
Heart Rate OS is an app that will periodically check your heart rate and plot it on a graph. You can set it to check every 5 mins up to once a day. You can use it pretty regularly without it affecting the battery too much.
Facer an app on the Google Play Store allows you to add watch faces created by others (or by yourself), with everything from a Rolex face, Tag Heuer, Breitling, and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

With Android Wear apps are always being developed and you’ll find there are some apps with keyboards in the making.
Additionally, there is an app that will allow you to browse the internet too called Web Browser For Android Wear. It does the job albeit on a small screen. There are a few basic games you can install and Map navigation works pretty well and accurately.


Motorola Moto 360 Charging

Motorola claims that you can “Enjoy battery life that lasts all day”.Well after using the watch rigorously the Battery which comes with the Mens’ 42mm and Women’s’ can last up to 1.5 days of mixed use with Ambient mode off. Upwards of a full day of mixed use with Ambient on. So somewhat living up to its promise. To charge just place Moto 360 on its charging dock at night. No wires. No complications. While your watch is charging it displays the time, which makes the dock perfect for bedside tables and desktops.


Motorola Moto 360 fitnessThe core fitness application on the watch is Moto Body

The app tracks heart rate, footsteps and heart rate. Resulting in a nice log of daily activities. It does this all intermittently without compromising battery life.

Moto Body sends you “coaching advice”. Spontaneous notifications throughout the day that keep you up-to-date and inspired. Plus, get a weekly email summarising your progress using the Moto Body phone app.

Another favourite app is ‘FIT’ its great for tracking your steps and workout out your daily averages, which can become a bit obsessive!

Out of the Box

    • Motorola Moto 360
    • USB Power Adapter
    • Wireless Charger


What We Like

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Works with Android and iPhone
  • Syncs quickly and without issue.

What Needs Improvement

  • The band could have come with another removable link. (it’s always better to have too many than too little)
  • The LCD screen may have been better with OLED
  • The quality of the black band which comes originally with the watch potentially might wear out too soon