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Smartwatch Panda strives to give you the most dedicated reviews. Explore the site to find the best smartwatches on the market. Whether you want the most up to date model, something to keep up with your hectic fitness regime or a device that helps you keep up with your busy work life. Wearable tech functions beyond timekeeping and are now more like computers on your wrist. Top brands include; AppleSonySamsung, Pebble, LG, Motorola, Garmin, Fitbit

Best Smartwatch Reviews
Most PopularFitness ProLowest PriceStylish
Huawei W1FitBit BlazePebble SteelLG Urbane
Fitbit blaze review tablePebble Steel Review tableLG Urbane Review
-Great Features
-Excellent Value for Money
-Innovative Design
-Intuitive interface
-Outstanding fitness watch
- Smart Layout
-Long Battery Life
-Wide range of apps available
- Tough Exterior
- Wi-Fi connectivity
- Outstanding Battery Life

Why You Should Get A Smartwatch…

No Communication Limits

                The Smartwatch aims to keep you instantly up to date with everything going on in your life. Keeping you up to date and on the move with the best wareable technology fashion


Smartwatches are the gateway to your fitness goals. With their stylish design, multitude of apps and light wearability, they really do make what would normally feel like a climb up everest  into a walk in the park.  With the recent populairty of fitness wearbles like the Fitbit, smartwatches take the idea and run for it.


Smartwatch BatteryTwo major concerns when buying any electrical item are:

How do I charge it ?

Manufacturers provide a variety of ways to charge your devices. There are magnetic chargers and the usual plugin methods.

How long will the battery last?

The million dollar question… The quick answer is usage and configuration. This means that battery life depends on how you use the watch. If you are running  apps all day long with the brightness on full don’t expect it to last for days on end. That being said you shouldn’t be scared of using apps. Manufacturers are trying to prolong the battery life of smartwatches. This can be done through the display used, app power consumption and even charging methods.

Have a look at our reviews to find the smartwatch charger most suited to your needs. Click Here

Additional Considerations For A Smartwatch

There are always considerations you should take into account when purchasing any item. Here are the main considerations for purchasing a smartwatch:

  1. The size of the watch. Can it be customised? Will it fit comfortably?
  2. Some smartwatches need to connect to a smartphone – Always check to see if your phone/watch are compatible with each other.
  3. What purpose do you require a smartwatch for? Fitness, organisation, tech addict, social media… there is a smartwatch out there for everybody.

Accessories for your SmartWatch

Accessorise your smartwatch to have the ultimate experience

smartwatch band accessory Senheiser Smartwatch Headphones smartwatch stand

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Apple Watch

Popular Smartwatch

Flawless Touch Design

Easy to use Interface

Rating – 4.5/5

The Apple Watch is fun, customisable and intuitive. Being part of the Apple family it has a large reputation to live up to , but it really holds its own. Allowing effortlessly for you to keep up to date with all aspects of your life at a glance. Your business, fitness, entertainment all on your wrist.

Samsung Gear S2

Feature Smartwatch

Funky Stylish Design

Twistable Bezel

Rating – 4.5/5

The Samsung Gear S2 is a beautiful, stylish and easy to use watch. Samsung has really stepped up their game. There are a range of watch faces and watch bands that complete your personal style that allow you to customise. There is a world of apps available for the Samsung Gear S2, the main feature of this is the fitness section. Allowing you to take charge of your health in an effortless fashion.     Track your daily activity levels, heart rate and water vs. caffeine intake. Continue to stay fit with timely motivational messages. Monitor daily activity levels, Track water vs. caffeine intake, Measure your pulse, Select type of exercise, Count your step. This is only scratching the surface…

Sony Smartwatch 3

Fun Smartwatch

Sporty Design

Excellent Screen Display

Rating – 4/5

The Sony Smartwatch 3 is an agile, all-purpose smartwatch. With a sporty edge, it combines easy customisation through its series of Bands and a wide range of apps at your fingertips. There is no inbuilt heart rate monitor, but the watch more than makes up for that with all the other features included.

Motorola Moto 360

Stylish Smartwatch

Maintains a good balance between looking like a class watch and the functionality of a smartwatch

Streamlines your notifications

Rating – 4.5/5

Meet the Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch. This is the device in Motorola’s arsenal that leaves you wanting to say “Hello Moto” again. It combines adaptable design, a tough precision screen and a whole bunch of features that blow its competitors out of the water. It is a smartwatch that doesn’t quite have the rep of say the Apple Watch but it consistently is seen to be one of the most up and coming smartwatches on the market. Popular amongst forums and reviewers, take a look at the review to see what all the hype is about…

LG Urbane

Ultra Slick Smartwatch

Elegant, Full Metal Design with beautifully stitched leather strap

There is so much customisation available, with different apps and features connected to your phone via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Rating – 3.5/5

LG Urbane Product Review

The LG Urbane is the latest smartwatch in LG’s wearable range. Resembling a luxury timepiece, it adds both style and convenience with a high-tech flair to everyday life. Loaded with Android Wear and a super smart display, the LG Watch Urbane has a sleeker profile, giving it outstanding lines and a lighter finish, whilst bringing to you all the information you could ever need directly to your wrist.